• "How to Act on What You Know" (2024), in Synthese 203 (6):1-26 [Link]
  • "Knowledge and Acceptance" (2023), in Asian Journal of Philosophy 2 (1):1-17 [Link]
  • "Finding Excuses for J=K" (2022), in Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 11 (1): 32-40. [Link]
  • "Knowledge and Decision" (2022) (with J. Koscholke, M. Schulz, P. Rich), in Synthese 200 (2):1-13 [Link
  • "Corona und testimoniale Skepsis" (2022) (with M. Schulz), in Wissensproduktion und Wissenstransfer in Zeiten der Pandemie, Hauswald, Rico and Schmechtig, Pedro (eds.), Verlag Karl Alber.

Edited Topical Collections

  • "Knowledge and decision"-collection for Synthese (co-edited with J. Koscholke, P. Rich, M. Schulz) [Link]

Work in progress/under review

  • A paper in which I argue that belief-first reductionism is false and that the relation between credences and probability beliefs is rather governed by a norm of epistemic rationality. (under review)
  • A paper in which I explore drawing an analogy to the legal domain to elucidate the notion of epistemic justification and excuse. (under review)
  • A paper in which I argue that we sanction non-punitively in the epistemic domain, showing that popular relationship modification accounts of epistemic blame are false. (in preparation)
  • A paper in which I explore the claim that epistemic justification not just concerns the individual believer, but also third parties. (in preparation)
  • A paper in which I discuss why we are more inclined to excuse beliefs due to asthenic affects (fear, anxiety or fright) than due to sthenic affects (such as anger, wrath or zeal) (in preparation)