• "Epistemic blame and Scanlonian relationship modification'', Workshop with Robert Michels, University of Frankfurt.
  • Précis of my dissertation "Knowledge and Rational Action. Why What We Know Matters for the Rationality of What We Do", book symposium at the G27 group meeting at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
  • (under review), Epistemic and Practical Normativity Workshop at the University of Sevilla
  • (under review), research colloquium of Gerson Reuter, Giessen University
  • "Deference in doxastic conflict", Workshop in theoretical Philosophy, TU Dresden.
  • "Deference in doxastic conflict", Cologne-Frankfurt Epistemology Meeting, University of Cologne


  • (under review), Cologne Epistemology Winter Workshop 
  • (under review), ECAP11, University of Vienna
  • "Non-punitive sanctions and the justification/excuse-distinction", Workshop on Social Epistemology at TU Dresden
  •  "Non-punitive sanctions and the justification/excuse-distinction", Mannheim-Frankfurt research meeting.
  • "How to Act on What You Know", research colloquium of André Fuhrmann
  • (under review), University of Zurich
  •  "The consequences of being justified in believing", Marburg University
  • "How to Act on What You Know", University of Saarbrücken
  • (under review), EPIJUST Conference ("Epistemic Justification: Formal Epistemology meets Mainstream Epistemology") at the MCMP in Munich
  • "Wissen und Rationales Handeln", Goethe University Frankfurt
  • "How to Rely on What You Know", Frankfurt-Cologne Epistemology Meeting



  • "Finding Excuses for J=K", Goethe Epistemology Meeting, Frankfurt/Zoom


  • "Fine-tuning the dispositional account of excuse", Masterclass with Timothy Williamson, Tübingen


  • "Privacy Problems for Conversational Contextualism", GAP.10 Congress, Cologne
  • "Knowledge, Action and partial belief', Salzburg Conference for young analytic philosophy (SOPhiA), Salzburg

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